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that bloomberg are is addressing. >> but we didn't ask to pick up 9 tab. it is obama care that foisted it. >> you are wrong about that. >> and we have to wore arery about the the smokers because of obama care. >> you said that. >> we have to do something about the gay bathhouses because aids is expensive and if i'm paying for it. >> geraldo: do they still have guy bathhouses? >> it is about insurance actuaries and if they determine things cost more money then you see insurance premiums g. the rest of us are hit with the costs. if gay bars were costing everyone a great deal of money and we were picking up the tab you might see enforcement there. that is not the case. >> why do you say it is not the case. >> if we are picking up the tab? >> geraldo: aren't the majority of aids patients on some kind of government coverage because the aids medication costs so much money. >> aids doesn't only affect homosexuals. >> and illegal drug use. mostly in this country it is homosexual behavior. i'm not the one that wants to go anything about it. if the argument is smoking we all have to pay. sodomy we all have
'll be on your way home soon too i know. thanks. >>> president obama is coming home to something he hasn't seen in four years. a budget proposal passed by the united states senate. this one was approved at 5:00 in the morning by a razor thin margin 50-49 after a marathon overnight session fittingly called vote-a-rama. the bill is expected to get knocked down when it gets to the house. >>> in georgia two teens are charged with murder. the 14 year old and 17 year old killed a 13-month-old baby boy. that little baby's mother says the boys demanded money and then shot her child strapped in his stroller. they are still looking for the gun and a motive. nick is in brunswick. police are confident they arrested the right guys. one of the suspects could have an alibi. tell us about that. >> reporter: yesterday the aunt of the elder suspect -- i use that term relatively -- he's 17 years old. the other suspect is 14 years old. his aunt spoke to a local affiliate and said they have the wrong guy and no way they got the right suspect because he was with her the whole time. >> i am devastated. i'm sad becaus
questions you have. >> thank you, mr. director. i share your concern. until congress and the obama administration, together to do something bold like the simpson- bowles commission, this will continue. domestic discretionary accounts are being squeezed. entitlements are rising. you make a powerful case against sequestration on friday, received a reprogramming a request from the eternal -- attorney general moving funds, including fbi funds to the bureau of prisons. we are going to approve that. you have had one prison guard killed. you had another commit suicide i think because of the death. how are you planning to function at reduced funding levels for this year? >> we are cutting back across the board. we have a hiring freeze. by the end of this fiscal year, we will have 2200 opened vacant positions. we delayed i.t. upgrades, which are expensive, but tremendously important. that includes putting off, picking up technology that would assist us in detecting cyber attacks. we reduced or eliminated operational training and travel across the board. that is in an effort to make certain
, something president obama has described as a red line. let's get to chief white house correspondent jessica yellen. she's in jerusalem awaiting president obama as he heads in her direction for his trip to the middle east. we just heard, jessica, from senator dieann feinstein, the chair of the intelligence committee, she said president obama has a decision to make. are you getting any sense of where he's going to go on this? >> hi, brianna. this is not something the white house is yet commenting on, except that white house chief of staff, dennis mcdunn, speaking to jake tapper, if, and i underscore if, these reports are substantiated, it is his word. the president said the use of chemical weapons by the assad regime would be his red line. of course, we would have to see what kind of action the president would then take. and the white house, again, watching this very closely. we don't have comment from them at this point beyond what white house chief of staff dennis mcdone now said to jake tapper. he said if substantiated, it would be a game changer, not backing down from that language that t
here. i think there is something to this trip that if netanyahu and obama speaking in israel, but also speaking to iran. do you think there is any merit to that? >> well, yeah, i mean, in iran i'm sure they read some of the headlines and everything that has been written about the president and netanyahu how they don't get along how netanyahu would have preferred romney to win. this is to show that there is no daylight between the two countries. i think each president was in full pander mode. i thought netanyahu was quite gracious to the president, saying they've met 10 or 11 times. he appreciates the time the u.s. president is putting into this, and the banter not only at the press conference, but the reports from the reporters following them and apparently netanyahu has been lamenting about all the political problems he's facing putting this new coalition together and the president saying, well, tell me about it. i have problems with our congress and netanyahu said we have more moving parts around here. and they're talking about the system they have to operate in. >> michael: it's a f
candidates coming up against barack obama who happens to be a terrific vote-getter and without barack obama, the field is much more level than it looks right now. lou: there is something treacherous about having the principal element of your strategy the absence of it. they will examine it in greater detail, and try to figure out by tom perez, and absolutely radical left winger will be the labor secretary. it appears. we will be back with the "a-team" in just a moment. my goal was to take an idea and make it happen. i'm janet long and i formed my toffee company through legalzoom. never really thought i would make money doing what i love. [ robert ] we created legalzoom to help people start their business and launch their dreams. go to today and make your business dream a reality. at we put the law on your side. got you ! you cannot escape the rebel forces ! ahhh. got you ! got ya ! gotcha ! got ya. that's all you got, brother ? take that. never having to surrender the things that matter. gotcha. that's powerful. verizon. lou: tom perez, controversial, radical. to
quickly -- i do think there's something to the fact that both president obama and prime minister netanyahu got themselves reelected. in the world of political leaders, there is a special place for leaders to manage to get reelection. it is no small achievement. i think the level of mutual respect, be grudging perhaps, but the level of mutual respect goes up. it only operates in that rarified world of people who know what is involved in the entire process of figuring out and working and getting one salt reelected. they will be with each other for a period of time they will not try to undermine each other. this is really government is perhaps less solid and previous israeli governments. i do think there is something that contributes to the solidity of the relationship when the two leaders look at each other as reelected by their own politics. ironically, both men come to the summit with a much heavier need to address politics in their own countries. for the president, he is coming back to deal with the end of government. that is supposed to happen in a few days. is at least as much about dom
obama and israeli leaders both agree that something needs to be done to keep iran from developing nuclear weapons. israel threatened to take military action if iran appeared to be on the verge of having a bomb. president obama pushed for more time for peace talks but says military action is still on the table. president obama once hep weres up his -- once he wraps up this conference, he will head to speak to benjamin netanyahu where they will hold a press conference in about three hours. back to you. >> thank you. >>> a sheriff says it appears a 911 call to a middle school school in southern minnesota was a hoax. the school in new prague, minnesota immediately went on red alert and locked down each class when a caller said there was someone with an ak-47. a search of the school turned up nothing. they say everyone is southwest. this school is 45 miles southwest of minneapolis. there are about 875 students at that school in grades 6th through 8th. >>> an ohio teenager has been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for a school shooting that killed three stud
mentions. palestinians are as frustrated with obama's presidency as israelis have been. so i think that is really something that he has to tackle first. and on the beast today, on the daily beast, the brookings institute has a really interesting primer on what obama should look for here at this meeting and some of the objectives he should go for. one of them is that he should reintroduce himself to the israeli public and try and make friends with the palestinians again. >> andrea, let me bring you back in here. let's talk about the newly formed coalition government. what might that government do? how might that affect any sort of potential talks with the palestinians? >> well, they are going to put, he is putting, a more moderate member of his cabinet in charge of the peace talks. but she has shown in the past, not the greatest plist cal skill, not able to get them off ground when she even had power. so that's a real problem for this government. in terms of housing policy. the latest issue says where the settlements are. there are settlements and the u.s. says settlements are not h
? >> could be very serious. you could be talking about premiums that actually double, and something that sets off an alarm, officials for the obama administration who is in charge of setting up these exchanges across the country, said they might not be ready in time. they have to be ready by october 1st, and said they're working on plan b to avoid people facing what he called a third-world system. confused, ineffective. messy system. so, there are signs that the obama administration is beginning to get a little worried about how this is actually going to work. it's not a year away. it's october 1st for the exchanges. >> neil: is it risky for the president to be among the first to sign up for this deal? >> well, i tell you, the obama administering is going to -- when it becomes a reality, they're really going to push very hard to make sure that they are people who are helped they can point to. >> neil: that would include him. he'll sign up and become the first patient. >> totally symbolic. the president has to have the pest health care of the country. but the thing is these exchanges -- the ob
, president obama said recently the debt is not an immediate problem, but by huge margins, americans disagree. 68% of them disagree with the president on that. they also think he is wrong with b something else. spending. this is a fox news poll. they think his top priority should be cutting spending to reduce the deficit, not spend more, taxpayer dollars to create jobs. is that why president obama seemed to have dropped the campaign for spending realize he is pushing his job ratings down and in the process driving away potential voters? >> i think there has been a sense over the last month or so, as you point out poll numbers have gone down. white house is not going to make a big campaigns go across the country asking for tax increases but that is also because they are saving a lot of ammunition for the budget fight this summer. that is when you might see them make the requests again, any kind of grand bargain over the budget or grand bargain over the debt ceiling has to include some kind of tax increase. >> gregg: keystone pipeline passed the senate, 17 democrats sided with the republicans o
. the white house says this trip is a chance for president obama is connect with the israeli people. a poll published last week shows only 10% had a favorable attitude for him. president obama and israeli leaders both agree that something needs to be done to keep iran from developing nuclear weapons. israel threatened to take military action if iran appeared to be on the verge of having a bomb. president obama pushed for more time for peace talks but says military action is still on the table. president obama once hep weres up his -- once he wraps up this conference, he will head to speak to benjamin netanyahu where they will hold a press conference in about three hours. back to you. >> thank you. >>> a sheriff says it appears a 911 call to a middle school school in southern minnesota was a hoax. the school in new prague, minnesota immediately went on red alert and locked down each class when a caller said there was someone with an ak-47. a search of the school turned up nothing. they say everyone is southwest. this school is 45 miles southwest
you something. how much will they get done? >> they won't get much of anything done other than the symbolism. obama will tell netanyahu unpleasant things, but you won't hear a word of it. it will be pictures of them joking around and yucking it up. it will be in their political advantage to do it. >> speaking of something you said. isn't it like mom and dad putting on a good show for the kids, but secretly they are going to get divorced? >> i don't think it was a compliment to begin with. if you threw a party and invited everyone you knew, you would see the biggest gift is from me. and they would say, thank you for being a friend. subtext, bring me a present, obama. in conclusion evie is greedy and blamp -- and blanch was a whore. >> you are saying that because you dated bea arthur in the 80s and there was a lot of strive. >> let it be. >> let it be indeed. she was quite the tumbler. she was into gym that is sticks. gymnastics. i loved bea arthur. but i wasn't crazy for maud. >>> okay. bill will discuss his book, i do the news and do it nude. first, what is a don't feed me t-sh
. that's changing the dynamic a little bit from his perspective. that being said, i think president obama has also understood, and you saw clinton do this, secretary clinton did this, every single trip she ever did, she did something outside of the official and made a point to go talk directly to the people. and i think the president understands that he has got to go make that case and try to you know, whether it's poll numbers or what have you. build some kind of a bond with the people directly, because how you impact and are viewed by the folks outside of government will help your efforts inside of government. and he hasn't always done that. you know, the last thing i'll say on this is people see it as a sign of respect. come and talk to us. granted it was a supportive audience. but come and talk to us, show us that you care about the things that are important to our culture. to our history. george bush, remember, he was not a big fan of doing that. and it really, it was something that -- >> and also this is the president, this is president obama's first state visit to israel, right? an
couldn't help but notice all three of these deal with obama's second term. there's kind of an understanding for a conservative it's something they're going have to live through. so how did you go about acquiring these books in such a short period of time? you weren't aware of who would inthe election. >> that's a terrific question. we struggled and talk abouted a lot in the second half of last year. it's something that all current events publishers have to deal with, but particularly for -- we focus on only conservative political books, that's our niche and we know every four years it's going an interesting challenge to try to publish in to the beginning of a new presidential term. especially when you don't know. you never do when it's going the incumbent or someone new. in cases it's going someone new no what matter what. we tried to sign up books that were very practical, and talking about what people needed to do to survive and thrive. kind of no matter who was in charge. then we knew that one the election was over, we would pivot one way or the other in the positioni
president obama and prime minister netanyahu playing basketball together or something. it's always been a traditionally frosty relationship. i suppose it's a lot of fence mending going on here. is it warming up at all there? >> there is some evidence already that it's warming up a bit. look, do not expect these two very different men and their personal characteristics and their political philosophy, president obama left of center, prime minister netanyahu right of center, no question netanyahu favored romney in the presidential election. i talked to a top u.s. official the other day who put it this way, he said "they're stuck with each other." both of these guys just won elections. the president starting his second term. prime minister netanyahu put together his coalition government. iran is a huge policy issue, trying to restart the peace process is a huge issue, if they have a better personal relationship they can get things done. you saw first thing this morning the prime minister tries to crack a joke, he says if you can ditch your security detail, i have a fake mustache and we'll g
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to get political for a moment here. i know you voted for president obama but since been quoted saying you like your vote back or something like that. why is that? >> because politicians mean well. this across the well. politicians mean well but, business people in my estimation should be running countries, and perhaps business women. there would be less wars but certainly they pay more attention to making sure that, you know, you take in more money than you put out. it is a simple business model. we ar 17 trillion almost in debt. melissa: right. >> there is no excuse for that. there should be an amendment passed. it should be, it should be against the law to be in debt, period. melissa: yeah. gene, you are a ledge -- legendary investor, i'm not sure people kn that. when you rang the bell at the new york city the dow was 1700. you side, buy, buy, buy. you said the market would two up from there. we're sitting at 14,000. what is your prediction of the dow? >> it will go up. the marketplace is not undervalued. listen to an idiot like me. if i understand and believe in america, the political
been on fire. thanks a lot, nicole. speaking of someone on fire, or something on fire, dr. ben carson, president obama's new outspoken critic. he's going to join us in the next hour to talk about this. >> it's almost laughable some of the things i hear people say to criticize you, they say he's a neuro surgeon, he couldn't know anything about economics. it's not brain surgery. charles: now, does dr. carson have plans to run for public office? we're going to ask him alt 10:45. you cannot the miss that and remember of course, we want to hear from you, we love hearing from you, send us your e-mails right now at "varney & compan, and we'll read them on the air. now i have the honors of doing the seven early movers. williams and sonoma, rich folks buying stuff again woo hoo! >> and there was a large oil find, a few companies including this, not certain how big it is, but move on the stock. frances francesca, they upped the price target and previous target was 38. and adobe, beat the street by 4 cents, a lot of upgrades and j and p says $40 stock and one said $43. a f
. for 40 years, the most number of republicans in the house was 192. today we have 230 something, and it is absolutely right to figure out what you did wrong, and the obama people outperformed republicans in a number of ways. the idea that we are on the brink of going out of business is overstated. >> do you think that there is with the report that the chairman put together and if the republican party is willing to commit to reach out, is that the answer to try to expand the party by paying people to put operatives out there, to make that connection, to look for ways to expand the party? >> that is a big part of it. i commend the chairman. it was a very thoughtful, thorough report. it has some good recommendations. the fact is the obama campaign and the democrats did a good job of having people out there. they did that better than we did. they had a presence in all communities you had that you needed to turn out, to win. >> donna, does it worry you that they will have democrats on their heels? >> i have put that aside "shade of gray" volume 3. i'm halfway through the report, and
something done. i would like to see some concrete movement on gun control. wait a minute. obama is back but congress, oh, they're on spring break. ♪ okay, maybe it's not like that. but the house, that's spr spring breakers. the house and senate are in recess and pro forma session for two weeks. no shock there. congress usually heads home around passover and easter. this time there is so much left undone. immigration, the deficit, the long term budget plan and they haven't cleaned up their room. while the president is pushing ahead with his second term priorities today, he hosted a 28 brand new american citizens at the white house including 13 service members. >> after avoiding the problem for years, the time has come to fix it once and for all. the time has come for a comprehensive, sensible immigration reform. we are making progress but we've got to finish the job. we've just got at this point to work up the political courage to do what is required to be done. so i expect a bill to be put forward. i speck the debate to begin next month. i want to sign that bill into law as soon as po
. >> what about tax reform? something president obama and the republicans in congress all say they want to do. with would that be a place to start? >> everybody wants corporate tax reform. our system is broken. it creates the wrong incentives and leads to more jobs yaever s overseas. it has to come as part of a bigger package it to get the numbers to work and the bigger package of tax reform, i think, is somewhat dubious because everybody talks about the trillion dollars of loopholes but nobody wants to eliminate the home interest deduction and all of that stuff is off the table. the times had an editorial all of these loopholes. you add up those numbers and it's a rounding error. the only way to deal with this is to attack the big stuff. >> conservatives are coming off their annual conference over the weekend but still big signals the party is not on the same page going forward. republican party chair reince priebus is pointing to branding as a major problem for the gop in the last election. >> i believe our parties had a real quality of contacts problem and what i mean is that we have
, will be on the table when president obama sits down with prime minister netanyahu. >> i believe for something like five hours or talks. nbc's kristen walker. thank you, kristen. >>> joining us, mark ginsburg. and dana milbank, political columnist for the "washington post." ambassador, if i can start with you, senators lindsey graham and john mccain say if the chemical weapons reports prove true, the president's red line has been crossed. and graham tell s "foreign policy's" josh rogen, we need to come up with a plan to secure these weapon sites either in conjunction with our partners or, if nothing else, by ourselves. what's your reaction to today's developments? >> well, if these reports are corroborated, martin, clearly the situation in syria, which you know you and i have talked about for at least two years, it indicates that, and as we all know, these weapons are not under lock and key. i had revealed in a piece that, indeed, they had been put under control of the besiege and elements of the iranians, revolutionary guards for safekeeping. given the fact hezbollah and any number of terrorist organiz
nothing. do something. that's "hardball" for now. thanks for being with us. "politicsnation" with al sharpton starts right now. >> thanks, chris, and thanks to you for tuning in. president obama leads. he arrived in israel. a three-day trip where he will meet with israeli and palestinian leaders. for months, republicans attacked his leadership and cynically said this president doesn't care about one of our strongest allies. but what the world saw today was president obama leading on the world stage. >> as beebee mentioned, this is our fourth meeting. america's support for israel's security is unprecedented and the alliance between our nations has never been stronger. israel's security is guaranteed because it has a great deal on its side, including unwavering support of the united states. we have your back. >> we have your back. doesn't exactly fit the republican's effort to use obama's diplomacy as a battery ram against him. >> on israel, it's never been worse between the united states and israel. >> you skipped israel but you went to the other nations and, by the way, they noticed
in the last year. >> ahead, pepsi is ready to do something it hasn't done in 17 years. >> caught on camera, president obama speaks to college students in israel and is >> daly city, dublin, los gatos and all bay area this is abc7 news. >> good morning, sue hall in the traffic center, we have a live shot of san jose, this is southbound 280, we had an early fatal accident and c.h.p. obviously is on scene with a lost activity with the two right lanes blocked off. the left lanes are getting by and we are finding out the 1ing street on-ramp to southbound 280 is closed because of the fatal accident. northbound 880 to 101 is the alternate around this, which is a sig-alert. >> 6:15, day they of president obama's trip to the middle east and right now the president is getting ready to leave israel and head to jordan. this is a look at air force one from the airport in tel aviv. abc7 news reporter is following the president's trip from washington, dc and joins us, live. ait has been a busy and historic three days for president obama in the middle east. he concluded a meeting in bethlehem and the plac
in terms of believing obama's going to come with some policy initiatives or ultimatum, something of any sort. and jay carney said on the record he wasn't going to come with that. they all believe him, actually. and i think the question is more of how does two new governments work together. dennis pointed out you have secretary kerry who wants to prioritize this among maybe half a dozen issues, and you have a new israeli government that cannot help but deal with this issue. i don't think this president wants on his watch the next four years that the two-state solution expires. and i think that's a strong statement, but i think that's really true when you think of of the pace of settlement activity. that's not a big concern. so even if you can't do a grand deal, if you can insure that you preserve the option for a two-state solution, i think that's very important. so even though i don't think there's any drama, immediate drama or any confrontation between these two leaders now, i think it would be a mistake because everyone in washington has forgotten a about the palestinian issue, and ma
and the obama administration, together to do something bold like the simpson- bowles commission, this will continue. domestic discretionary accounts are being squeezed. entitlements are rising. you make a powerful case against sequestration on friday, we received a reprogramming a request from the eternal -- attorney general moving funds, including fbi funds to the bureau of prisons. we are going to approve that. you have had one prison guard killed. you had another commit suicide i think because of the death. how are you planning to function at reduced funding levels for this year? >> we are cutting back across the board. we have a hiring freeze. by the end of this fiscal year, we will have 2200 opened vacant positions. we delayed i.t. upgrades, which are expensive, but tremendously important. that includes putting off, picking up technology that would assist us in detecting cyber attacks. we reduced or eliminated operational training and travel across the board. that is in an effort to make certain that we do everything we can to ensure that we minimize any impact of furloughs
get to know president obama the way i've gotten to know him. i think you've just heard something that is very meaningful. it may have escaped you but it hasn't escaped me. that is the president announced that in addition to all the aide that his administration's provided, including iron dome, including defense funding for israel during difficult times, he announced we're going to begin talks on another ten-year process, arrangements, to ensure american military assistance to israel. i think this is very significant and i want to express my thanks for everything that you have done, and i want to thank you, also, for that statement you just made. i think it's very, very important. so i think israelis will judge this by the unfolding events and by what is happening, what is taking place. and for this, you know, there's a simple answer to your question, the gentleman from nbc. you see a second term as president and third term at prime minister, that really fixes things. >> all right. thank you very much, everybody. [ applause ] >> shepard: president obama and prime minister netanyahu
, president obama speaking there at the holocaust museum in jerusalem, saying it's not about bearing witness but acting and he reiterated we all could be better, and before this speech he was at a replaying ceremony, something touching to him, and you can tell the tone of that speech. and this is on the last and final day of this three-day trip, and the president's first day of the trip there, a trip that indeed sparked an increased bond between the president and the u.s., and so that was the president's speaking there in jerusalem. do stay with msnbc throughout with coverage, and now we will bring you back to the rachel maddow show. >>> among the more disturbing gun crimes was the murder of the head of colorado's department of corrections. shot in cold blood when he answered his door on tuesday night. at the moment there is no known reason for the killing. details ahead. hey, buddy? oh, hey, flo. you want to see something cool? snapshot, from progressive. my insurance company told me not to talk to people like you. you always do what they tell you? no... try it, and see what your good drivi
east tour after getting off to something of a rocky start. critics blasting mr. obama for his failed policies in the region. we'll have that joint news conference once it begins. in the meantime let's talk with paul gigot, editorial page editor for "the wall street journal." you listened intently to the president's speech i'm sure. what did you think? >> well i thought it was above all, an attempt to reassure israelis and the fact that america has their back and to repair his relationship with prime minister benjamin netanyahu which has really been rocky as you know. the joke in the press corps it was operation dessert shamooz. jon: he start of off to the by going to muslim world to reset relations there. >> that is fine to make a trip like that. he never visited israel. he learn ad lesson from the first term. i infer that from the speech. you can't ask your friends to make peace with youred very serries -- adversaries if your friends don't trust you. if the friends don't know america will be there for them you can't ask for peace. that is the problem in the first term. he is startin
, and if it doesn't go in militarily, then people say why aren't you doing something militarily. >> president obama's four-day trip included stops in israel, ramallah, and jordan. he is scheduled to land at andrews just before 8:30 tonight pacific time. >>> today there's still genuine disagreement among well meaning people about what steps we should take to reduce the epidemic of gun violence in this country but you the american people have spoken. >> in this morning's weekly address he discussed lawmakers currently working on gun control legislation in the wake of the newtown school shootings last december. bills include reinstating and strengthening a ban on military- style assault weapons and legislation making it harder for people with severe mental illness from obtaining guns. jute it has been three months since the school shooting but for the families of the 20 first graders killed the pain is still as fresh as the date happened. recently the father of six-year- old victim emhe lee parker sat down with the father of the shooter, adam lanza. >> i wanted to speak to him as a father, one father
would not be signed by president obama, would not pass the senate, burt it will pass the house. >> shepard: mike, thank you. meantime, something about our economy does not add up. we all know that. the latest government numbers show consumers spending grew at a strong pace. that's great because consumer spending counts for 70% of the total economic activity. here's the weird part. we're not seeing the expected comparable rise in our paychecks. we're spending more but no making more, and we're not spending more on credit cards. in fact the expert said the payroll tax hike would slow spending. it did not. so what is this? and rick suggests that more americans are taking advantage of the underground economy, earning and spending cash off the books to avoid taxes or other regulations. rich is with us know. the chief been the correspondent for u.s. news and world report. at it the worst kept secret in the nation there is an enormous underground economy where people get paid cash and don't get benefits. it's a cash world. >> some of that is a constant. we know about landscape workers
in terms of what's going on in the region and continuing it being a worst region. that's something that president obama spoke to when he said that he was committed to creating a palestinian state, but stopped short of saying how much he was going to pressure the israelis in terms of making any kind of concessions. one thing they talk about here a lot is a settlement freeze, meaning the stopping of israelis building inside the lands of palestinians. a lot of people thought the president would publicly try to persuade the israelis to do that. so far we did not hear any of that. the one tone that you really took away from the meeting here, especially the one in ramallah and the press conference was that president obama did not sound optimistic in terms of restarting these. the palestinians sounded desperate and sounded frustrated as they warned that things were continuing to get worse. that's the big concern here, is that as things continue to get worse, the situation deteriorates, you could end up with something like a third popular uprising by the palestinians against the israelis a
obama are going to see 100% premium increases. >> neil: what is the $63 fee about? >> that's something that is hitting employers. a lot of surprises for employers. >> neil: a identify they have not to pay. >> just rolls out in november. among the thousands of new regulation. employers are frantic because they're coming so late in the game. le. >> neil: be part of the plan or not. but it's a fee -- >> for every employee -- every dependent who is covered with insurance. thirdly, patients are bracing for big change because this law is paid for more than half of it is paid for with medicare. so hospitals are already pulling back, laying off nurses, spreading the nursing care thinner so patients know they're going to wait longer for care. i'm already advising patients, if you know you're going into the hospital, try to cobble together enough money to hire a private duty nurse the first night when you need help. >> why do you say that? >> there will be fewer nurses on the floor and you're going to wait longer when you press the button for help. seniors are noticing the difference because the
doesn't expect president obama back anytime soon unless there's a major breakthrough in israeli palestinian peace talks. >> this trip was the first foreign visit of the president's second term. >>> the family was crushed underneath the sign. >> something no one would ever expect at an airport. a 300-pound airport sign falls on them. >> many gathers south of rome hoping to catch another glimpse of a historic day for the pope. and why it was suddenly lights out tonight on the bay bridge! >> after a beautiful saturday, how about an encore for sunday? but there are changes ahead. ,,,,,,,,,,,, and his family -- at an ala airport. officials at the birmingham- >>> a 10-year-old boy dead after a flight information sign fell on him and his family at an alabama airport. the officials say his mother is in critical condition, and two of the boys' siblings are also hospitalized. upon the panel which displayed arrival and departures weighed up to 400 pounds. >> kevin: the family was crushed. little kids crushed underneath the sign. and everybody was scattering to lift it up. i helped lift it
the obama haters of their hard-earned cash. >> okay. john, i want to play something that nra president david keen said at cpac this weekend. take a listen to this, john. >> for many of us, the republican party is the vehicle that we've chosen to accomplish to accomplish our political and policy goals. >> he says the gop is the selected vehicle for achieving the nra agenda. that makes the nra sound rather like a parasite on the host body of the republican party, doesn't it. >> it certainly has been in recent years. it used to be there were an awful lot of democrats who also had 100% nra ratings. that's no longer so much the case. look, as julian said, the world right now is bedeviled by what are called failed states. these are states where the government doesn't have enough authority to maintain security and protect people's lives. and what happens in these fails states is that you get war lords a and other groups that kill an awful lot of innocent people through this $100 billion a year weapons business, international arms trades. so the world is trying to get together to do something about
the raid on bin laden's compound that makes president obama look good but not when something goes bad. >>brian: nearly 40 million people facing three major snowstorms around this country. maria molina is outsidetracking the storms with her government-issued outer wear. >> i wish it was. good morning. good to see you. good morning everyone. it's a little breezy here in new york city. definitely on the chilly side as well. we had a storm system that produced a lot of snow across places in the northeast and actually severe weather. we had a confirmed tornado in humphreys county in tennessee, maximum sustained wind at about 10 miles an hour. incredible -- at about 105 miles an hour. in millford, connecticut, snow accumulated during the overnight hours and slick roads and snow in altoona, pennsylvania, a lot of snowfall, accumulation of several inches. today we could be seeing up to a foot of snow across maine, parts of new hampshire, upstate new york. a lot of snow to talk about today. the wind is going to be another concern. coastal areas should be seeing rain mixing in so that should li
be a major betrayal. >> they say they wouldn't cave without the approval. question when mr. obama needs to back down on issue he called a top priority. >> the reality is that there is something that he wanted. so why isn't he putting the muscle behind it. lawmakers in washington continue their debate, number of state legislatures are moving forward. they passed tough newtown la laws. governor hickenlooper pushed back against the criticism that the gun laws have been rushed through. >> i hope you are not holding washington up as a model. how we should do the lawmakerring process. >> for now it appears that they offer legislation claimed to crack down on illegal trafficking. there is a great deal of debate behind the scenes whether or not he could cobble together bipartisan support for background checks. >> mark sanford received the most votes in tuesday's republican primary for the vacant house seat in south carolina. he is attempting a political comeback after the fall-out from extramarital affair. he had 37% of the vote. he will face the second place finisher in a rupoff next month. th
pleas for peace and promises of support. >> president obama addressed a large auditorium of young israelis. >> i believe you will shave our future and given the ties between our countries, i believe your future is bound to ours. >> after that remark, a heckler shouted something and the president quickly recovered. >> this is part of the lively debate we talked about. this is good. [ applause ] >> in an early news conference with palestinian print abbas, he criticized israel over treatment of palestinians in the west bank. >> i have returned to the west bank because the united states is dopily -- deeply committed to a sovereign state of palestine. the palestinian people deserve an end to occupation and the daily indignities that come with it. >> the president says peace is possible. both presidents say that. >> we are ready to implement all our commitments and obligations. >> there was no peace this morning as militants fired into southern israel and palestinian protesters took to the streets claiming president obama is bias toward israel. the president began the day in jerusalem w
to own their own people. >> and to own it is to do something about it. in fact, if you look at what senator jeff sessions argued, victoria, that obama care is destroying our health care system and took issue with the notion that our health care system isn't the greatest in the world. take a listen to this. >> and for people to say our health care isn't the best in the word, why do people come here from all over the world? that is one of the most horrible things i've ever heard around here. so we've got people that die sooner than some other countries. well, we have a lot of things. we have obesity. we have more smoking. we have less people taking care of themselves sometimes. that doesn't mean our health care isn't good. >> 40 million people uninsured? you know, so what we die -- i mean, you can't obviously say with a straight face, so what we die earlier than some people. we have obesity. i mean, what is he talking about? anything rather than to give health care for everyone and to open it up for all americans? that's how they argue? >> and the irony here is that we're still paying
. maybe you're on to something. >> right now, president obama wrapping up his mission to the middle east and headed to his last stop as we speak. a live report coming up. today is gonna be an important day for us. you ready? we wanna be our brother's keeper. what's number two we wanna do? bring it up to 90 decatherms. how bout ya, joe? let's go ahead and bring it online. attention on site, attention on site. now starting unit nine. some of the world's cleanest gas turbines are now powering some of america's biggest cities. siemens. answers. [ dog ] you know, i just don't think i should have to wait for it! who do you think i am, quicken loans? ♪ at quicken loans, we won't make you wait for it. our efficient, online system allows us to get you through your home loan process fast. which means you'll never have to beg for a quick closing. one more way quicken loans is engineered to amaze. bonkers, look at me when i'm talking to you. >>> good morning, welcome back. 15 minutes after the hour. let's get you up to date this morning. breaking news. three dead after a shooting at the quantico m
the obama visit in israel, which by all accounts was very successful, really means something on the peace front. on the peace talk front or whether it was just a very successful public relations and photo opportunity. and some very successful speeches. chris? >> thanks, andrea. now we're still awaiting a press conference. do we expect to start shortly between abdullah and president obama in ayman, jordan, we'll bring it to you live as soon as it happens. in the meantime all the action here in washington is focused on the u.s. senate. lawmakers are working through the weekend. finally on a laundry list of amendments attached to the democrats first budget resolution since 2009. and senate majority leader, harry reid, has guaranteed that universal background checks will be part of a final gun control package. they'll begin debating that when they return from their easter recess. joining me is "washington post" national political correspondent and my colleague, karen tumelty and john morris. my mentor. harry reid focusing on the positive in some way said that this universal background checks
president obama is getting pressure no-fly zone. come up with surgical air strikes. something to stop the killing. but the president today said at a news conference you have to be very careful with u.s. power. >> what your question may be suggesting is why haven't we simply gone in militarily. and, you know, i think it's fair to say that the united states often finds itself in a situation where if it goes in militarily if it goes in militarily. if it doesn't go in militarily, people say why aren't you doing something militarily. >> president also noted that the u.s. has provided the most aid to syrian refugees yet. and he pledged $200 million more today, shep. >> shepard: ed henry ammon jordan tonight. thanks. how bad is the refugee crisis before i let you go. is it getting even worse? >> it is. king abdullah in jordan is the one dealing with most of it. he says he he has dealt with 500 refugees from syria coming across the northern border of jordan where i am right now. and to give you an idea of how big that is, the king basically said that one refugee camp alone here in jordan is n
's getting to be a very exciting moment to put something together that we couldn't have thought of. >> more with nih director dr. france sess collins tonight at 8:00. now, president obama speaks to students in israel after meetings with prime minister benjamin netanyahu. and he reaffirmed his commitment to israel and discussed security concerns and the road to peace in the middle east. this is about an hour. >> well, it is a great honor to be with you here and i'm so grateful for the welcome that i've received from the people of israel. i bring with me the support of the american people and the friendship that binds us together. you know, over the last few days i've reaffirmed the bonds between our countries with prime minister netanyahu and perez. i've born witness to the ancient history of the jewish people at the shrine of the book i've seen your future in your scientists and entrepreneurs. this is a nation of museums and patents, timeless holy sites, ground-breaking innovation. only in israel could you see the dead sea scrols and the place where the technology on board the mars rover or
to solicit an apology. did israel get something in return? i hope so, otherwise it makes it like obama is leaning on the israelis. >> chris: juan, i'll switch subjects on you. with the focus on syria and the focus on iran there was relatively little talk about the prospects for a peace deal between the israelis and the palestinians. but the president did address it in the speech, in jerusalem. >> president barack obama: peace is possible. it is possible. [applause]. >> president barack obama: i'm not saying it is guaranteed. i can't even say that it is more le likely than not but it is possible. >> chris: the big news here, the president seemed to be dropping his insistence that israel had to stop the settlement construction first before there were direct talks and faleaned the palestinians and said, look, if you make a final deal the settlements will take care of themselves. how big a movement is that? >> a big movement in terms of reframing the discussion because at the moment everybody is frozen, stalled. they can't come to a decision about the settlements because you know, obviousl
it is off the record in general with presidents reagan, bush 43, and obama. there is no denying that the opportunity to talk informally to a president is a very special thing. and you come away having learned something about the person or about his policies. publicly i have made a spectacle of myself so many times, it is hard to say. host: in april of 1988, president ronald reagan. >> george bush is doing well. george has been a wonderful vice president, but nobody is perfect. i put him in charge of anti-terrorism and the mcglove lynn -- and the mcgloughlin group is still on the air. [laughter] >> but with some -- so much focus on the presidential election, i've been feeling a little lonely these days. i'm so desperate for attention, i am considered holding a news conference. host: was there a private ronald reagan? was he different off camera than on the stage? >> he really wasn't. when you talked to ronald reagan in private, you got sort of the same stories about life in hollywood or california and politics that you often got in public. he was, in fact, a very private man. he
43, and obama. there is no denying that the opportunity to talk informally with the president is a very special thing. you come away having learned something about the person or about his policies. publicly, i have made a spectacle of myself so many times for better and is hard to say. host: let me share one moment in april of 1988, president ronald reagan. >> george bush is doing well. he has been a wonderful vice president. but nobody is perfect. i might put them in charge of anti-terrorism and the maclaughlin group is still on the air. but with so much focus on the presidential election i have been feeling a little lonely these days. i am so desperate for attention i almost considered holding a news conference. [laughter] host: as we watch that, was there a private ronald reagan? was he different off-camera than on the stage? guest: he really wasn't. you got the same stories about life in hollywood or california politics that you often got in public. he was in fact a very private man. but he was always cordial, always very pleasant. host: did he enjoy news conferen
to be my shot, but she also has to say look what happened last time. something totally unseen, barack obama came about. can that happen again? she also has to look at what does biden do. most people feel he won't run if she does. you don't know. what about andrew cuomo do? dan can say many of her people that would do the work, you are talking about where the players 20 years ago during the clinton years you have eight years of obama, new leadership around the country that don't have the same affection for the clintons that her school or her age class does, how does she get them enthusiastic enough to face a republican opponent if they can come up with a formidable one. she has a lot to weigh. i think she can make the right decision but it's not a slam dunk decision. >> kelly, what is the sense in washington? the clintons, either president clinton or secretary of state hillary clinton have been on the scene every day there for two decades and now they are gone for a moment. what is the sense, the video av? >> i think her making this decision i think you'd see a new generation of democrats wh
, a former ambassador to n.a.t.o. and secretary under president clinton and now you've got president obama morsi discussing the collapse of egypt. and that's something we don't want over here and that's one of the reasons we're keeping an eye over there. >> i don't see the prospect of the state collapsing, but i think that morsi's actions showed why people feared having a muslim brotherhood government in power, that it would be a one person, one vote, one time experience, and i have to say, the fact that the military so far is silent, could indicate they're prepared to acquiesce in this. although people have said that the brotherhood and the military could never come to an agreement on rule in egypt. i've always believed that's a possibility. so i think this is very, very serious and it's one reason i favor suspending both economic and military aid to egypt until this gets resolved. >> rick, where is this going? because you know, they got rid of hosni mubarak out there because he was dictatorial and ruled with an iron fist and wanted something more akin to democracy and now you've fot pres
effective on this issue. >> you pointed out, using a social network, you know that was part of team obama's strategy. this long arm of the internet. and certainly, if you bring in zuckerberg, his millions of dollars, and his million of friends, this could be something that we've never seen before. especially from a person this young even. >> no question about it. and don't forget that the obama network knows how to use facebook. and during the campaign, if you clicked on obama's website, they would ask you immediately to sign in through facebook so they could get your whole network. so i wouldn't be surprised if we saw some sort of collaboration between two groups to reach as many people as possible. >> that would be interesting. i want to play the president's remarks. he was at the naturalization ceremony, regarding a bill. >> i expect a bill to be put forward. i expect the debate to begin next month. i want to sign that bill into law as soon as possible. >> throws the latest remarks on the president. the timing here that we're learning about zuckerberg, coincidence, what do you think? >
. and finally, all sides of the middle east peace conflict are seeing eye to eye on something. none of them expect much to come out of president obama's first trip to israel as president. the president just wrapped up a news conference with the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu in jerusalem and as you'll see from this clip things are off to a chummy start for two leaders with legendary limited affection from one another. >> i want to express a special thanks to sarah as well as your two sons for their warmth and hospitality. it was wonderful to see them. they are -- i did inform the prime minister that they are very good looking young men who clearly got their looks from their mother. >> well, i can say the same of your daughters. >> this is true. >> even before the president's arrival the consensus among israelis, palestinians, and even white house officials was that this visit will not do anything concrete to move the peace process forward, so we can't help but ask, what's the point? let's try to get some perspective from cnn's jessica yellin who is live in jerusalem. jessica, wer
to the affordable care act. obama care we all hear about. also as a major cause of increase. something is going on. they are certainly pointing their fingers other places. the reform rs are not going for it. >> the truth must be somewhere in the middle. >> it always is. >> where do you find the truth? >> that gets to the reformers initiative. the insurance rate justification and accountability act. pay attention to that one. you're going to hear a lot about it in the months to come. if approved by the voters this would empower the state insurance commissioner to compel insurance companies to justify proposed increases and deny unjustified proposals along the way. so, in short, the act would give the government the last say on health insurance rates. >> isn't that the case already? pardon my ignorance if i should already know this. but don't they have to ask for permission to raise their rates? >> not in california sf. >> auto insurance. >> that's another story. home insurance, that's another story. not in terms of health insurance, no. >> this is something i thought was already on the books. what
obama the way i've gotten to know. and i think you've heard something that is very meaningful. it may have escaped you. but it hasn't escaped me. and that is the president announced that in addition to all the aid that his administration's provided, including iron dome, including defense funding for israel during very difficult times, he's announced that we're going to begin talks on another ten-year process, arrangement, to ensure american military assistance to israel. i think this is very significant. and i want to express my thanks for everything that you have done, and i want to thank you, also, for that statement you just made. i think it is very, very important. so i think -- i think israelis will judge this by the unfolding events and by what is happening, what is actually taking place. and for this, you know, there is a very simple answer to your question. the gentleman from nbc, right? for this you need -- you see a second term as president and third term as prime minister. that really fixes things. all right. >> thank you very much, everybody. >> the prime minister of israe
not fully kick in until next year. it is going to get better. >> president obama threatening syria and iran and pursuing peace in the holy land. the a-team will sort that out for us. and accusing homeland security of hiding something. and the jodi arias murder trial. this time go by the jury. we will have that next. at od, whatever business you're in, that's the business we're in with premium service like one of the best on-time delivery records and a low claims ratio, we do whatever it takes to make yourusiness our business. od. helping the world keep promises. lou: a former chinese contractor, and alleged spy of nasa, indicted on charges of lying to federal agents. he appeared in a virginia court house allegedly failing to disclose that he was carrying a laptop and two hard drives. his attorney said his client will plead not guilty after today's proceedings continue until next week. he will then ask for a jury trial. meanwhile, nasa had locked its ffcilities to foreign nationals. ordering a review of the facilities. imagine that. well, jurors got their turn to grill a key defendant in the
, families and corporate america as it stands now, healthcare costs, versus trying to implement something that is intended to reduce those costs. >> bret: i guess when you hear doctors who are opposed to obama care, or concerned about it. they talk about the $18 million added to medicaid and they talk about it already, doctor shortage and that underpayment for medicare already happens. if you think there is a shortage now, just wait until this thing kicks in in 2014. i guess that is the biggest thing you hear. >> and it points to the distinction between health insurance and real healthcare. you could have sham health insurance, a lot of americans will get. but if you don't a doctor, if doctors refuse to treat because of the payment schedules that are obscenely low that no doctor will take. already today, the medicare patients are turned away from a lot of doctors. if that is widespread there will be no real care. other thank emerging is that those of white house claimed early on it was nationalizing the healthcare, though it's disguiseed as still a private system, we are right. there will
. this is something legitimate. big brother is watching. big brother will be watching what we write in private emails. president obama issued executive order on cyber security which allows the government to scan internet traffic flowing between banks and utilities and companies that are identified as nation's infrastructure. last week the heads of the national security agency and other intelligence agencies said cyber attacks now pose a greater threat to the united states than terrorism. the department of homeland security can now gather secret data from telecommunications companies and hopes to have the email spy program set up by the end of the year. the administration is seeking legislation to require internet service providers to inform the government about malicious software. as well as the ip address that that software comes from. there is a push to allow utilities, banks and railroads to purchase better cyber security services from companies that provide those services. now, data collected from those partnerships would be shared with u.s. intelligence agencies. and, heather, i keep going but i
a trailer set up, and netanyahi and obama went in and the call was made. and we were all wondering-- it took something like half an hour. and we wondered why so long, why was the president there, why did he get on the phone. what we're told is both netanyahu and erdjuan required the president to be there, for each one that gave that leader cover to do this sort of forced public. erdogan could say president obama has explained that it's very, very important for to us at least cooperate on security intelligence. i need to do this for my friend barack obama, and netanyahu could make the same case for the people criticizing him at home for apologizing to erdogan. >> you mentioned syria. when the president got to jordan, he and king abdullah held a joint press conference, news conference, and the the president announced there he is going to be asking congress for more money to go to jordan, to help them deal with all the refugees coming in from syria. why is that important for the obama administration? >> judy, when i said there were two of the three allies in the region, the third most important
agenda to attack the second amendment. >> bougttom line, will presiden obama sign a new set of gun control measures? >> i hope we end up signing something that updates the system and gets those mentally incompetent and adjudicated into the system. we forced the administration somehow to enforce the federal gun laws. i know they don't want to do it but they ought to do it. it's their responsibility. that would make people safe. put programs like project exile in every american city where if you're a drug dealer, a gang member, or a felon and you touch a gun, it's a 100% certainty you're going to be prosecuted and tagen off the street. that ought to start tomorrow morning. but it won't do it unless the national media gets on the administration and calls them out for their incredible lack of enforcement of these laws. >> we're going to leave it there. wayne lapierre, always appreciate you coming on and taking my questions. >> thanks for having me. >>> coming up here, reaction and analysis from our roundtable on the gun debate. and the other big issue coming up this week at the supreme
all of these books deal with obama's second term and there is kind of an understanding that for conservatives this is something that they are going to have to live through. >> how did you go about acquiring the is in such a short period of time because he were not aware of who was winning the the election. >> that is what we struggled with and talked about in the second year and it's something that all current events publishers have to deal with. but particularly for regnery because we focus on only conservative political books. that is our niche, and we know every four years it is going to be an interesting challenge to try to publish an to the beginning of a new presidential term especially when you don't know as you never do whether it is going to be the incumbent or someone new to it in some cases it is going to be someone knew no matter what. and so, what we did is we try to sign up books that were very practical and talking about what people need to do to survive and thrive kind of matter who was in charge. and then we knew that once the election was over we would
to stat that clearly. i think that people should get to know president obama the way i've gotten to know him. and i think you've just heard something that is very meaningful. it may have escaped you. but it hasn't escaped me. that is the president announced that in addition to all of the aid that his administration has provided, including iron dome, including defense funding for israel during very difficult times, he has announced that we are going to begin talks on another ten-year process, arrangement, to ensure american military assistance to israel. i think this is very significant. and i want to express my thanks for everything that you have done and i want to thank you also for that statement you just made. i think it is very, very important. so i think israelis will judge this by the unfolding event and by what is happening. what is actually taking place. and for this, you know, there is a simple answer for your question. the gentlemen from nbc. see, a another term as president and another term as prime minister. that fixes things. >> thank you very much, everybody. >> president o
will president obama engage in that and get involved? that's what experts around the region will be watching. overall, they believe it's a success. alex? >> something else that could be deemed successful, the first budget in four years after the all nighter friday into saturday, what's the reaction there at the white house? >> final votes came in at 5:00 a.m. the white house thinks it's a good thing, that bill that passed through the senate really echos what president obama would like to see in terms of deficit reduction but the problem, of course, is when you match up is the senate bill with the house bill. the senate bill calls for deficit reduction through increasing taxes and spending cuts and, of course, the house bill calls for steep cuts in balancing the budget within ten years. of course, some revisions to medicare as well. a lot of differences and we have another deadline coming up. the debt ceiling will have to be revisited this summer, alex. >> looking forward to that. >> reporter: yeah, we all are. >> thank you very much, kristen welker. >>> joining me right now, andy sullivan an
. that would be helped, if the senate did not pass the bill, not pat 60-40, but 70-30. 85-15, something like that. the way the next few weeks work out, if president obama can get a bigger majority behind ap gun violence reduction bill in the senate, that helps get to the house. the bloomberg ads might help giving bigger numbers of democrats and republicans to vote for a background checks bill that could get a bigger majority in the senate. >> and wayne lal pierre appeared on "meet the press" earlier. he ridiculed the mayor's plan. take a be listen. >> we have have people all over, millions of people, sending us $5, $10, $15 checks saying, stand up to this guy. that says we can only have three bullets, which somewhat he said. stand up to this guy, that says ridiculous things like, the nra wants firearms with nukes on them. it's insane the stuff he says. >> dave, what's stronger? bloomberg's billions or the nra's millions of members and small donors? >> i think psychologists would call what lapierre doing there is -- the nra had a hemmer lock on washington so long because of its lobbying power
in an interview used the word "balance" obama's word, eight times and every has their own agenda. >> you can see it in the morning, if something is said on a certain cable news program by a democrat, you know by the end of the day everybody will use the same line. >> sean: and that's the entire news programming. >> it's kind of annoying, oh, today the word is "balance." . >> i'm looking for a republican who will pound the table on the words growth and prosperity. >> i think you need to look at the governor on the energy side of things, i think the governors are doing a better job and collectively even if they're democrat, there are 30 republican governors, and 20 democrats, come together and to say that president obama, we've got your back on the keystone pipeline, let us have it, let us take the shackles off. >> sean: that's only the tip of the iceberg. >> shell oil told me the other day. >> sean: hofmeister. >> if you liberate america's fossil fuel you'll have 7% growth in the american account. >> sean: we would unleash prosperity we've-- >> that's reaganesque. >> sean: good to see you. did yo
wolffe, thanks for your time tonight. >>> ahead, something happened today that nobody could have predicted a year ago. how is rand paul helping the obama agenda? >>> and big news on the gun safety fight today. a major development that we really need to talk about. >>> plus, a civil war of epic proportions is unfolding inside the republican party. and rush limbaugh is on fire. >>> one more thing before we go to break today. on the tenth anniversary of the iraq war, i think it's important we look back on the history that was chronicled in a war zone. something that has always struck me are the photos taken by samantha appleton. she covered the first three years of the war for "the new yorker" magazine and "time" magazine. and in my mind, very few have captured what came out of her camera. and her work. no one better than samantha. her images are some of the most memorable and searing snapshots. we've got more on why it's a day to remember, especially our brave men and women who fought for us. [ phoebe ] stress sweat. it's different than ordinary sweat. it smells worse, and it can h
at steve croft interview with obama and clinton. that's humiliating. you wouldn't have seen that on "60 minutes" back 40 years ago. they would have been ashamed to put something on like that. i think there is a affinity with this administration. in the bush years there was a lot of hard hitting stuff opposed to bush, especially after the iraq war went south. then they felt all guilty. they should have done x, y and z in the beginning. they were really tough. i think there really is a difference in how hard hitting the networks are depending on whether there is a conservative or a liberal in office. >> bill: i agree 100%. call them low information voters are becoming the majority in this country because there isn't information out there anymore. >> it's buried on the internet. >> bill: not on the internet. it's all skewed. you know, objective hard-hitting, uncovering things. if you don't know information, much rarer than it used to be. >> do you think the "times" or the post or the globe or 00 "l.a. times" 30 years ago was objective? what you had then was a liberal monopoly on the netted
forces passengers to check their bags, something that costs them money at american airlines. this experiment is taking place at four airports. we'll see how it goes. >> a lot more to bring you. a quiet gesture. president obama's tour of the middle east and may be the most symbolic moment of the trip. the archbishop on gay marriage, what he fears will happen if justices rule in favor of same-sex couples. and nimble as a cat, technology that apple may be protecting your eye >> dan: after all the public events and speeches it was a quiet gesture in a jerusalem cemetery that may have defined his visit to middle east. president put a stone down from m king kick washington memorial on the grave of isak rabin saying it's harder to embark on peace. he arrived in jordan this morning. the president was greeted by jordan's king abdullah at the royal palace. they got down to business. during a news conference, he said he is worried about syria's future once president assad leaves office. >> i'm very concerned becoming an enclave for extremists because they thrive in chaos. >> dan: durin
, get something done handle president obama says he wants to move away from this. a lot ofms to be agreement in congress, but we are not there yet. we have a debt ceiling. while they passed to budgets, they still have not gone to the whole process. we could continue with these stop-measures to keep the government from shutting down until eight -- an agreement is made. , go ahead.ssee caller: i would like her to define the word "politico." americanught government for the past 19 years and we are not governed by parties. we do not covered by the constitution. example which one is not mentioned in the constitution. if madison and hamilton thought it was important and washington thought it was important, it would have been in there. resolutions are non- binding. all it does is increase the burden of debt of my students who are now in debt probably $50,000 already. they have not graduated from high school already. households are in debt to the tune of $150,000 -- host: you have given us a lot to work with. what level do you teach? caller: high school. 12th graders? caller: yes, si
. republicans seem to think this was something that the president miscalculated on and the economy will be absorb it. >> i think there's been miscalculations on both sides. ultimately republicans miscalculated to the extent they thought that president obama would be attacked for this, people would read this as obama mishandling the economy as opposed to republicans not being reasonable. democrats miscalculated the short term impact but long-term we will see job layoffs and furlough. >> we're starting to see it this week. friday the furlough notices went out. some of these are furloughs, not layoffs and there's a difference but if you're furloughed you're not buying a new truck this summer. >> if your hours are cut from 40 to 30 hours a weekt stops from you spending, it will have a long-term impact on the private sector. that's the concern and you'll see that maybe not in three weeks but certainly in three months. that's where you'll begin to see -- >> the question is a matter of when. when creditors come calling sooner or later. do you put your house in order before they make the c
, and then barack obama picked you to be the head of nie age. nih. how did that happen? >> medicine, non-partisan. may always be that way. that is something we should value if we care about our health and that of our family and our friends and our constituents. this is not something where republicans and democrats generally differ. the president9, in his brief made this announcement, and then i want to ask you what happened. [video clip] dowe knew the work that you would not get done if left solely to the private sector. some research does not lend itself to a quick profit, and that is why places like the nih were founded, and that is why my administration is for the pursuit of discovery, and that is why we are announcing we were awarded $5 billion, that is with a b, in grants through the recovery act to conduct cutting- edge research all across the america. >> assuming you were in the room, what happened to the $5 billion? >> it went to accelerate some very exciting science that otherwise would have taken a lot longer. we have talked about cancer. our ability to know for 20 different ca
i'll put you down as a maybe on barack obama. >> your view is what? both parties, hard to be saying this. because we just go the through this elect, neither side wants to hazard doing something that makes it look stupid, right? >> absolutely, it will make it really difficult for either party to be doing anything that can be viewed as a loss for midterm that is why folks in senate who running for reelection did not vet for the budget, this is about posterring for that moment in time, we'll not see any grand bargains, because neither side will be willing to go first. and as much as i would love to see them go together, they have this mutual distrust that says, we'll going it as loning togethu leap first. neil: that means. >> that means we'll keep going up in the market. let's just shut down washington for the year we'll be in good shape. neil: all right, in the meantime, powerball dream or a fiscal nightmare, the lottery winner, who could not have won at a worst time. your finances can't manage themselves, but that doesn't mean they won't try. bring all your finances together with the
argueed more for a stimulus in obama's first term. is this what you're saying here? a greater stimulus would have allayed some of this? >> two things are important. basic economic principle, your spend something my income. my spend something your income. if we had a larger stimulus and we had spent it more wisely we "t" would have had more of an affect. it turns out the money we used to keep teachers and cops on the job although a lot of teachers have since been fired had very little affect. but the money we spent to fix roads, bridges and other infrastructure that we have to eventually fix anyway, that had a tremendously positive affect. we should have not long term multi decade national program. why can the chinese afford first-rate rail and highways more fabulous than we have. south korean internet, we can't forward this? because our government policies are focused on making the rich richer. and the republicans have basically said that to us. they said that the rich don't have enough, and the way to get them more is the austerity programs that will take from the poor the disabled, t
a year away from developing a nuclear weapon. >> that is a red line for us. something that would not only be dangerous for israel but would be dangerous for the world. >> president obama will use the visit to mend fences with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu after the two leaders sparred over expansion of jewish settlements and areas claimed by the palestinians. on the trip mr. obama will head to the palestinian authority for a meeting with president mahmoud abbas. >> this reflects a deep commitment by president obama to see the limitation of the two state solution. >> reporter: not everyone there is happy the president is coming. some protesters in bethlehem burned ape poster of mr. obama. the president rounds off his trip with a stop in jordan for a meeting g meeting. administration officials have set low expectations for the trip saying there will be no major announcements of a breakthrough in the israeli-palestinian peace process. >>> the mayor of kansas city missouri, was in the middle of delivering his state of the city address when a man shoved him, an
opinion, and that is something that a lot of groups including organizing for action, outgrowth of the obama campaign, the group that gabby giffords has sponsored, and the mayor bloomberg group -- they have been trying to galvanize what they see in public opinion polls to apply pressure to members of congress and over the next two weeks lawmakers will be home doing town hall meetings and other events and these gun control groups are trying to stage rallies, protests, organized petition drives and find ways to apply that pressure, showing what public opinions polls are showing, which is support for some of these measures, encoding the background checks bill which gets 80% or 90% approval rating. chart one is a background checks should stay the same or become less strict. let's watch a recent nra ad. sex in a recent closed-door speech to donors, politicians and media, bill clinton spoke about gun owners. a lot of these people, all they have as their hunting and their fishing, or they have been listening to this stuff for so long that they believe it, and we remember barack obama s
the assault weapons ban because that is something that is something that is still an activist for those pushing for gun control. it's very telling that organizing for action, obama's nonprofit group has made its only focus to be on guns to be on background checks. >> you'll have other things, but out of the big three, it's not going to have high capacity clips and assault weapons ban. >> the public conversation about their is about a much broader range of issues. but on a legislative front it looks like it's getting to be a much narrower focus. >> you have huge support for assault weapons and it's not happening. in that's the one connection to newtown is high capacity magazines. >> but not in the senate bill. >> yep. >> we'll be back. but first trivia time. who's the first u.s. house member to have a sibling serve ti ti simultaneo simultaneously. it was thomas blounts. he served in the house beginning in 1973. his brother william, sorry -- 1793. his brother began serving in the senate in 1796. and congratulations to today's winner. it's not bob costa. it's allison funk. i'm amazed. if y
to do voluntary things. if you look at how much money, because it sort of with the obama administration, all the science you're talking about that has shown how addictive it is. there's a push to do something about this. in the obesity trends, saw the food industry doubling its lobbying money. you saw them reclassify pizza as a vegetable. you saw them kill -- the kill this sugar salt and fat, limits in marketing to children, on the other hand you see let's move and voluntary labelling. >> taco bell was trying to get food stamps to be able to spend it on tacos. >> the affordable care act is a significant victory in this regard, not only did it fund preventive care, which went into making sure that people knew what they were putting in their bodies. but it also advanced the availability of nutritional standards for people going out and purchasing food. you could see exactly what you were ingesting, and those are two underreported aspects of the affordable care act. >> which sees its anniversary saturday. we have to leave it there. that was an awesome discussion, i'm not going to eat dorit
't think they did use it. now, the intelligence committee, and the chairman, he is get that from the obama executive branch. someone is telling them one thing and the president is saying something else. they need to get their act in gear. >> the republicans put together, some of them, a report that they called an autopsy, why they called it an autopsy i have no idea but that is the word they used, 100-page report saying certain positions on social issues, gentleman, are turning off young voters from the party. many young voters see these meters as some of the civil rights issues of our time. >> that is certainly true but this report didn't provide a clear direction for the republican party nor a clear analysis of what specifically went wrong. there was not a clear agenda to revitalize the economy and economic growth and fix an economy that is wobbly. the only real difference that the, at cpac was pat caddell who spoke truth to power about what would be in the report and what the republicans are doing. >> let me say something about what pat said because he will not toot his own horn but he
into office in 2009, the obama administration put a great deal of emphasis on settlements, seemed to side with the palestinian view that there should be a moratorium on settlements. that was something the prime minister was willing to do for a short period of time, ten months, but was not willing to do again. there seems to be some flexibility in the palestinian position, but look, there's a real lack of trust between prime minister netanyahu and president abbas. the ability of the president to kind of bridge that gap is going to take probably months before you see potential start of negotiations. you know, the middle east peace process will consume much of the president's second term in office. >> a lot of this will depend on his relationship with both of these men, the president's relationship with both of these men. if you saw some encouraging signs with netanyahu, let me play for you what abbas had to say after what he called useful talks. let's listen. all right. we don't have it, but i'm going to read it to you. president obama said, if we're going to succeed, part of what we're goi
this in my home as well sometime soon. >> thank you. [applause] >> let me give you something. thank you. [applause] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] >> tomorrow on "washington journal" we will talk about president obama's trip to the middle east and the efforts for peace in the region. nathan sts are
for something like 30 years and democrats called that wildly radical. what they're trying to do is give themselves a little maneuvering room. meanwhile barack obama saying we have no debt crisis at all and debt is not a problem is trying to hold a slightly firmer line to bring the republicans closer to them. bill: which is the comment he made last week. one more point on this you get a sense things have turned for the serious, whether you like the senate budget idea from last week or not. it appears now that the sides can engage. which is what house republicans have wanted for, what, three or four years now, am i right? >> yeah. i think you're right. sort of like the guy who decides he wants to be a taxidermist and a veterinarian and that way he can promise you get your dog back no matter what. the fact that the democrats are finally engaging on this which is a big problem for a lot of red state democrats but it is good news for the country because we're getting closer to regular order, the way this thing is supposed to work where both parties meet and reconcile actual documents. bill:
something like that. let me prove the point. show a picture of this guy when he's not playing the rel of satan? there. that doesn't look anything like obama. >> greg: so he did make him look like obama? bob is right! >> bob: exactly right. >> dana: i don't think the picture helps the case. >> eric: that picture? >> bob: no. >> greg: you convinced me. >> andrea: that looks like juan valdez. i want to know mini series, i don't think it looks like president obama at all, at all. i want to know what mark brunett has against def leopard. that's from the "rock of ages" video. that looks like just like -- that is not the best clip. anyway. >> bob: i'm telling you, your point makes my point. that dude, they had to make him look like obama. >> eric: stop it. >> dana: bob, what did you say when the other movie used the george w. bush mask as like one of the murder killers -- >> greg: his head in "game of thrones." >> dana: right. is that hollywood against george w. bush? >> greg: they admitted to doing that. >> andrea: we did it as a topic on the show. >> bob: we did? you know there are many to
to latinos. >> yes 73% of asian americans, and 71% of hispanic americans voted for president obama. i think the republicans realize that unless they do something about this they will -- they will bleed even more votes from these communities. >> bill: you know, it's interesting to me -- we talk a lot about the latino vote. there's not a lot of talk about the asian american vote. why is it that 73% of asian americans would vote for president obama. >> i do believe immigration reform was large part of it. i also believe that they followed president obama's policies of economic stimulus an balanced approach, and -- of making sure that we have -- had more for hire education. >> bill: interesting, yeah so it's the policies really that they saw for president obama that they supported. and on the immigration reform do you believe that a guest worker program will be or should be part of it? i mean we talk about the path to citizenship, and i think there are some differences on that, but most people agree there has to be some path to citizenship even if it's difficult, but the
. >> alisyn: now what is also interesting. part of the way the obama administration sold this, our health care costs are spiraling out of control and we must do something and that's legit. our health care consists were spiraling out of control, but what was interesting, is that in these private meetings that these big insurance companies are holding that you were talking about, united health care and blue cross, they say that this is because of obamacare. >> it is because of obamacare and because you're adding more volume to the system. look, i'm a numbers gal, i care about economics, not politics and when you look at adding more people to a system, giving more people more health care, and telling people who cost more to the system, because you have a pre-existing condition, or because you're older, because you use more health care, that they aren't going to be charged more. it's just logical. there's more costs in there and someone has to pay for it and that's the healthy people so that's where we're headed. it's math, it's math. it's logical. >> alisyn: it's not magic. >> it's clear it was g
supervision for all their new security activities. that is something glass-steagall didn't even do for the banking industry. peter emphasizes as the obama administration has as well that the 1999 legislation enabled banks during the recent recession to play a major role in taking up and taking on the failing nonbanks and to ensure that the more important functions continue to operate in an uninterrupted fashion. i do however believe that i take issue with peter wallison's paper on the 2009 stress test mandated by treasury and administered by bank regulators. peter correctly demonstrates the stress tests were very rigorous, plenty rigorous. they assumed the obama administration's recovery program would fail. that was not only going to fail but make things far worse which is curious given the entity that created those stress tests was the treasury department given the task of promoting and carrying out the president's recovery program. it is not the rigor of the test that i question but rather in the necessity. peter accepts the treasury assumption that they were needed in order to r
middle east peace and something lasting legacy that i can put on the board, if you will. but at this point i think, you know, president obama has gotten a lot of points for the eloquence and the cleverness with which he offered this speech over the head in some ways over region's stalemated political leadership but he hasn't really outlined a very new in terms of negotiating points platform that suggests we can pick up new diplomacy. frankly, we've been talking about such a daunting list of challenges for kerry to work on, it's hard to imagine that he's going to be bashing his head against a brick wall if that's what is still the case when it comes to the actual peace process. >> ifill: finally, he's very different or is he very different from hillary clinton from what we've seen for the last four years? is it substance? is it geography, the middle east instead of the east? >> i think he is going to be different from secretary clinton in the sense that, you know, people see this as probably his ultimate achievement as secretary of state. he's not necessarily looking forw
president shimon peres says he believes president obama will order an attack on iran if necessary to prevent iran from getting nuclear weapons. peres says shoot something aa3 last option but it is an option if diplomasy doesn't work. he is hosting president obama for a state dinner at this hour. those are the headlines. back to tracy and adam. adam: jamie colby from fox news channel. thank you very much. >> you're welcome. adam: key retailers are on the move after reporting earnings. sandra smith has today's earnings. >> ross stores if you're looking for green. look at this run-up. if you don't know ross stores, they basically buy their goods, home furnishings, apparels, they die them from department stores and sell them at a discount. a sign retailers still looking for a bargain that ross stores is doing so well. if you look at year-to-date chart, keeping up with the broader market, up 7% so far this year but certainly not been without its volatility. profits matched the high end of the range of estimates for analysts. some good news out of ross stores. not so much lululemon. but look at th
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